Helping our strong-willed kiddos feel safe during uncertain times

A 3-Day Challenge with teachings and easy assignments to go from angry and intense to cohesive and connected as a family...EVEN if you have a strong-willed kiddo!


Support your strong-willed kiddo in going from an angry dictator to an aligned zen master during this challenge.

Since you are here you have already told me a few things about yourself:

  • You recognize that there are negative patterns in your household that need to be changed
  • You probably have at least one “strong-willed” kiddo who is pushing your buttons on a regular basis

And I get it. I have one, too! 

In fact, finding a way to help my strong-willed kiddo feel understood and supported is how I got my start. 

What I tell all parents in our shoes is that these kids, who often act like defiant dictators, are acting on the outside the way they feel on the inside. 

Over 3 days I am going to give you 3 tools and 3 tips to tame the angry outbursts and start healing your family dynamic. I’ll teach you what even the traditional doctors and experts don’t know about why your kid is acting like a dictator.

Here's what you can expect each day:

  • Daily email with 2 video links and your “Homework” assignment.
  • A morning text with link to the first video of the day.
  • A lunchtime text with link to the second video of the day.

Here's what you will learn:

  • We'll focus on our own taming our own anger, often triggered by our children’s disrespect, and shifting our mindset. Doesn’t matter what the conflict is or the age of the child, this is where your head needs to be. 
  • We'll focus on how to lean in with empathy when your strong-willed kid is freaking out.
  • I will teach you how to shift your curious mindset from “quiet” to “courageous” and ask the right questions to engage your child in a productive conversation.



Hi, I'm Randi Rubenstein - Owner and Founder of Mastermind Parenting.

I like to say, "I help parents know how to productively solve ANY problem with their kids”. Whether that problem consists of a kiddo that refuses to go to bed or stay in bed; eat the food you took the time to prepare or pick up :); put their shoes on and get out the door without drama; keep their hands to themselves and stop hurting their get the gist.

As an author, podcaster and founder of Mastermind Parenting, I'm on a mission to share my recipe with every parent that raises their hand and is ready to create the family and life they've always wanted.

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