Free Masterclass - August 2018

The Badass Mom’s Guide to Creating a Happier Household (even if you have a strong-willed child)


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ATTN: Parents of Strong-Willed, BRILLIANT Kids 

From The Desk Of Randi Rubenstein, Houston, Texas  

Dear Mama,  

Do you have a child that seems to push your buttons REGULARLY? 

Do you worry that she might have ADHD or some other diagnosis? 

Is there a constant feeling that “something”- it could be anything really – might set your child off?  

If you'd like to stop walking on eggshells in your own home...  

If you’d like to learn my signature recipe to keep your cool while raising kind and confident strong willed kids?  

If you’re a true Mama Warrior – willing to think outside the box to help your kid be the absolute best most brilliant version of herself 

While also fostering an unbreakable bond with YOU…  

If nothing you’ve tried helps your child to be more cooperative for longer than a week or two…  

If you'd like to be the parent you know you’re meant to be… regardless of your child’s mood  

Then this will be the most important event you attend this year!

Join me for this Free Masterclass!