Mastermind Parenting Enrollment Oct 2019

The Mastermind Parenting Membership is Open!


Ready to create a peaceful household?

  • Ready to stop walking on eggshells around your strong-willed kiddo?
  • Did you promise yourself you wouldn't be a "yeller"?
  • Ready to learn how to master your mind so you can keep your cool (no matter how much your kid is pushing your buttons)?
  • Ready to change YOUR life and impact your kids for the rest of their lives?


In my quest to be the ‘perfect mom’ but mostly, just to finally make some headway with my strong willed kid I devoured hundreds of books, courses and podcast episodes.  

I tried every new technique - I literally would have given anything to stop walking on eggshells in my own home, constantly waiting for the next outburst to start….  

Nothing worked.  

I’m Randi, and in my own journey with my strong-willed kiddo, I discovered something amazing that totally transformed my household and the way that I parent.  

Here’s the secret that no one’s talking about: the old parenting methods do. not. work. in our fast-paced world with our modern kids.  

So you might be wondering, what does?!

Let me give you three things:  

Mastermind Parenting Our kids are over-stimulated in a way that we never were. They are overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and it’s no wonder really that our highly-sensitive (strong-willed) ones are constantly on the edge of an outburst. What our kids really need is for the adults in their lives to master their own minds first so that we can show up for them as the parents we really want to be!

Leadership Communication I’ve not yet met a Mama whose number #1 goal wasn’t to be a good and kind parent. But our anxiousness for our kids to be happy all the time impacts the way we speak and stops us from being the pack leader they need.

Mastering your Mind Did you always swear you’d never repeat the mistakes your parents made? And yet one day you opened your mouth and out came your mother?! I hear ya! Your #1 priority needs to be mastering your mind, so that you can close the gap between the parent you want to be and the parent you show up as when you’ve had 3hrs sleep and your kid is pushing your buttons. 


Your family is ready for a transformation!

If you’re ready to see a real transformation in your home, and finally have that happy, peaceful household you always wanted, I want to personally invite you into something that will change your life forever. 


You don't need to wait for things to magically get better anymore. Those old parenting techniques you were taught don't work in the modern world, and that's not your fault. 

I've created a new program that will allow you to retire old parenting methods involving fear, threats and yelling - replacing them with loving, assertive communication techniques to gain cooperation and respect from your kids.  

Class begins October 1st. Join us today!


Introducing Mastermind Parenting: The Membership

Mastermind Parenting is a monthly membership parenting program where you close the gap between the parent you want to be and the parent you currently are when your kids (especially your strong-willed ones) are pushing your buttons and driving you nuts. 

  • You just want a few simple memories involving bike rides and beach days without feeling like you’re in a war zone!!!
  • Learn how to show up as the calm and confident pack leader of your family, so that you're no longer pleading, negotiating or yelling to get things accomplished.
  • Model the behavior you seek and instill all those important values...for real!
  • Discover what is really motivating your kid, and lay the foundation for self-motivations and independance! (No more hand holding for every bit of homework!)
  • Learn the psychology and developmental reasons behind your kids behavior, so you know how to handle it and how to calm them down.
  • Become a parenting team and enjoy the benefits behind closed doors... better than marriage counseling!

Here's How it Works...

When you join the Mastermind Parenting Membership, you'll have access to my ENTIRE parenting toolkit and library of over 70 audio trainings and workshop resources to help you. 

The program is a year long commitment because real behavior change takes time. PERIOD.

We don’t sugarcoat or make empty promises. Randi created the Mastermind community to transform families and change lives.  

She is fiercely devoted and protective over the tribe. 

At Mastermind Parenting we only work with smart committed parents who understand that having the family you’ve always wanted takes a tangible investment.  

Randi often says she needs 1 year “sitting” next to you in a substantial way to change your life forever! 

PLUS, you'll get extra special hand holding by Randi and the Mastermind Team for the first eight weeks to help you feel fully supported.

Fancy Online Learning Site You can login from anywhere and access the learning materials on your own schedule.

Text Messages Get free daily pep-talks and timely reminders to help you keep your cool no matter what.

Snack-Sized Audio Trainings Learn on the go with short, sweet and NEVER vanilla or boring lessons.

Forever Access Unlimited access to the materials including teaching audios and cheat sheets - available nowhere else.

Virtual Workshops These will be filmed, streamed live and recorded if you not able to attend live.

Weekly Live Q&A Calls Come to the call with all your questions and personal challenges you would like help problem solving. The calls will be recorded, so if you can't make it, you can listen later.

What's Inside Mastermind Parenting?

No topic is off limits...we’ll cover power struggles, sibling fighting, aggression and violent behavior, respect, bedtime battles, morning mayhem, homework help, technology addiction and more! 

Ready to Join the Mastermind Parenting Membership?

This membership program is valued at well over $5,997, but you can get started today for only $197 per month for 12 months.

Or pay in full for a 20% savings for only $1,997 ($2497)!

Randi believes that it takes a full year for true transformation. You'll see—the Mastermind is gonna change your life.

We can't wait to get to know you! See you soon in the tribe!


If you have any specific questions about the program, please email Randi at